Race DFI

Op zoek naar een ongelooflijk wendbaar en krachtig board voor eindeloos plezier. Dan is de Race DFI een duidelijke keuze. Nieuw ergonomisch bindingen zorgen voor een comfortabel gevoel tijdens het varen, de FCS klik-:klik vergrendeling maken een snelle installatie van de vinnen mogelijk, zodat u altijd zo snel mogelijk weer op het water kunt.

Gebruikersniveau: Semi Pro


Prijs Race: 13 900,00 €


Technische details


Length 1800 mm / 70.87 inches
Width 600 mm / 23.62 inches
Height 150 mm / 5.91 inches
Weight 18.5 kg / 40.8 pounds
Max load 120 kg / 264 pounds
Fuel capacity 2.8 l / 0.74 gallons
Bindings Pro bindings - goofy / regular option



Drive unit

Propulsion system Jet-Pump direct drive
Racing pump Carbon fiber; Axial flow; single stage
Racing impeller Carbon fiber




Type 2 stroke engine NG 100 DFI
Catalytic converter Yes
Displacement 100 CC
Fuel Unleaded 95 + full synthetic 2 stroke racing oil
Top speed 55 km/h   /   35 mph




Ignition Processor ICU
Starter 3F brushless starter 
Battery Li-Ion 9 Ah (99Wh) - The engine does not recharge the battery, there is accumulator which will give you approximately 150 starts or 3 hours of continuous riding without recharging. Recharging takes approximately 45 min. and can be done via a car cigarette lighter output or socket.






Since 2010, MSR ENGINES company has been developing the most advanced motorized surfboard in the world. Tested in the toughest conditions such as big waves, various water surfaces and high performance racing series in MotoSurf WorldCup, JETSURF Motorized Surfboard ® is coming with the latest digital fuel injection motor that brings motosurfing world to a whole new perspective.






We found the perfect binding setup for long-distance trips. With this setup your foots will by in maximum comfort for long time during the trip.






Easy fixing without screws. Click - ON / Click - OFF.






Graphics design of the new Race DFI was designed for an unique experience and long distance exploration rides.






Silencer is a brand new feature coming to the JETSURF model line-up. The silencer significantly reduces the noise to 59 dB and makes the JETSURF boards Directive 2013/53/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council compliant.






Brand new accessory equipment by JETSURF MOTORIZED SURFBOARD. Looking for easier jetsurfing beginnings? Would you like to let your children share the board or just welcome more buoyancy? Then, the Tube will definitely be your favourite. A rubber fitted to your board will create one of the most stable surfing crafts. This inflatable accessory will not take up too much space for transport, and could easily be strapped to all JETSURF models.






Acceleration, speed, balance, - it’s all in your hand. The JETSURF control handle serves for starting the board, throttle acceleration and makes a good stability point at any stage of your riding level.






Kill switch system shuts off the engine immediately after a magnet on your wrist disconnects with the JETSURF handle.